Today is all about the things I hate about diabetes! After sometime carrying it around,  I’ve started getting  used to most of the inconveniences diabetes comes with. After all, without smiling at them and having a positive attitude I would be constantly sad, perhaps depressed and not able to take better care of it and myself. Although I’m trying not to think  about all that stuff it will never be gone and I could never erase it from my mind. Diabetes is just evil. Actually one old native name for diabetes is “pissing evil”.  Ha-ha-ha. There’s the list of  my top 10 things, which can really piss me off sometimes:

1. Hate lows! Hate lows! Hate lows! Every time I get one, I’m so scared how low will it get. I hate the feeling of being weak.

2. Having to stop what am doing to check my blood sugar levels..:(

3. Hate to see bad results when I’m doing everything right.

4. Hate to be dependent on anything at all, in this case insulin

5. Hate that it strikes at any age, taking no care what happens afterwards

6. Hate to think about all the complications that could happen

7. Hate to think about my blood sugar all the time

8. Hate that the skin on my  fingers is rough from all the testing

9.  Hate having to explain why I dont eat this and why I dont drink that

10.  Hate having  to see that pity look when you tell people you have diabetes

… I believe I could name some more things I really hate. But if I continue to think like that I’ll get in one of these moods when you are asking yourself: “Why me?”  “Am I so bad?” and so on …  In reality you have to be optimistic and to believe that only good things will happen to you and someday you will get rid of diabetes!