I’m so glad to write about what excites me about diabetes! Not that I’m thankful that I got it, but I try to find a way to stay on the bright side of life!

From the first moment I was diagnosed I started to read many books and tried to understand what was happening to me. And from that moment I began to realize how amazing and complex the human body is and that there is perhaps nothing more perfectly functioning . There are millions of processes which are going on and we could hardly imagine how it is possible. Every system is composed of other smaller systems. Organs are composed of tissues, tissues – of cells, cells – of organelles, organelles – of molecules, and so on. Although each system has its own function they all work together. It is really amazing how the human body is engineered. It takes care of every small movement, every mimic, every thought. There аrе no two humans who are exactly alike in external and internal anatomy. And I always think how amazing is all that! And I only have to deal with some stupid diabetes and not properly working pancreas and have complains about it???? How stupid am I and how great the human body is!!!

Isn’t it amazing how you could read what’s going on in your body through your blood sugar levels. If you have an infection, if you are ill, if you are stressed – then you’ll probably have unusual levels. And if there are unexplainable values – they are unexplainable for us, not for our bodies. Everything has its reason! But we don’t know it. Our body does.

I’ve experienced several times high blood sugar levels that at first made no sense to me at all. After that I realized there was an exact reason for all of them. Listen to your body, it tells you everything. In its own language.

I don’t know if there is something that my body tried to tell me with that diabetes. I’m still looking for the answer.

And after all living with diabetes isn’t all bad. You take more care of yourself, watch your food intake and exercise. You get to know many others related somehow to diabetes – mothers, father, friends. You realize who loves you because of who you are. You start to appreciate all the small things. You change your way of thinking. You start to help others with whatever you could do – information, supplies, your own experience. You learn so many new stuff. I’ve started cooking! I’ve started even blogging. 🙂

We’re much stronger than many other people. What doesn’t kill us – makes us stronger!