Today it’s all about possibilities. There’s something I’ve found while doing nothing at home. It’s  a prototype device from Medtronic and Ford that helps drivers track blood sugar levels.  Here is the article I’ve read.

The main idea is:

“Using Bluetooth connectivity, the system links the automaker’s popular in-car infotainment system, called Sync, to a Medtronic continuous glucose monitor. If a driver’s glucose levels are too low, an alert sounds or a signal appears on a dashboard screen.”

I’m not very sure that I get it properly. If you have an CGM and properly working insulin  pump, then why would you need another beeping? Not only that your pump will vibrate, but also you will get it displayed!!! Ok, I do understand that it is a safeguard, but I don’t think I would ever want to have it in my car.

I have to admit that the idea of connecting the diabetes devices to some other electronics is actually very nice. If there is a way to reduce the amount of all that stuff I need to carry around I would be very happy. It also would be nice to have an App for transferring the results from the glucose meter or the pump to my phone so I could have a daily view.  I know I could get pretty nice statistics and detailed information from CareLink, but I’m too lazy to upload every evening my pump readings.

But as we all know there’s a lot of research and someday we’ll get there!