Today is a beautiful sunny Sunday! I’m planning to have a log day out since the weather is just lovely. But there is one big BUT. Yesterday I’ve joined tudiabetes and now cannot leave my laptop. It’s so addictive to read all the posts there and everybody is so welcoming and friendly! I’m love with it!

The group actively promotes positive and proactive actions to stay healthy while living with diabetes. It’s such a great opportunity to get access to  far more information and resource than any particular person and you could learn about so much stuff.  And you can find opinions and positions that are not like yours and it’s OK to disagree. It’s just great!

I’m trying to read most of the topics in the forums. It’s just impossible in one day to do it. It’s so surprising  to see the answers on questions which you wanted to ask before and then you forgot or there was nobody who could answer them. The best thing is that there is no stupid question and no wrong answer and you are free to ask everything you like or to write your comment based on your own experience.

I love it!