It’s been a while since my last post. I know, but I was so busy and couldn’t manage to take a sit even for a minute. Nevertheless I am more than happy because of my blood sugar readings. It’s incredible how the stable blood glucose makes you happy, energetic and gives you the wish to go on.

I’ve worked for a month and a half now and on Wednesday is my last day. I’ve got plenty of stuff to do, but most of the time it didn’t bother me that much. Most likely because the alternative was to stay at home and to do nothing. The weather wasn’t that nice and my boyfriend worked all the time. So to make some extra hours at the office was actually not so bad. I’ve joined a fitness and after work visited some courses. For the first time I went to a course called “zumba”, which is one of the most energizing courses I’ve ever done. It’s a mix between latin dances, aerobics, reggae… The fun part is that you dance all the time on a nice music, have not to think that much and just enjoy the class. It’s like a party where you dance without a break. Of course my heart was beating so fast because of all the jumping and the dancing, but it felt so nice….:) and after the training when you read a number of 91 mg/dl on your meter the feeling of excitement.

I’m planning now my holidays and have no patience to start packing. I can not remember when was the last time I could enjoy my holiday – for already 3 years I had no real vacation. There was always something and I couldn’t make it to the beach. Actually I’m a bit concerned about how would it be with the pump and the beach. Will everyone notice it? Would it be comfortable for me to wear it? I’m pretty nervous about that.

The other thing that  bothers me is the eating part. We’re planning to go camping for several days. The place is really beautiful and wild. I always wanted to go there, but till now there was no time for it. We have to take some food with us and I’m not really sure what exactly should I buy. One of the main problems is that I’m guessing the weather will be like 35 C, which is really hot – so I have to pick up stuff that could stay on that temperature. If somebody has some ideas, I would be more than happy to hear them..:)

I have one more question – when I go for a swim and take off my pump should I change every time the needle? Or I could just put the safety cap and go swimming? What about the salt in the water and the band-aid of the infusion set?

So, back to my is cleaning and washing day…:)

I wish everyone a very nice and sunny Sunday.