What about exercise?

I’m pretty busy lately. I’ve organized some stuff about my studies. This is my last year at the university so I have to figure out what kind of a final project would I like to make. That’s actually a lot tougher than I thought. And so I’ve thought a lot lately about how could I improve  my health, and how to feel better.

I have found a very nice dietitian and fitness instructor and she provided me with some training exercises. The key is to do them every day, 5-6 times a week. What she explained in the beginning of the videos is that a person should do the program every morning before breakfast, on an empty stomach. I’ve tried that, but somehow it doesn’t work always for me.

There are times where my blood sugar is in the 70-80s range after getting up and I really am afraid of working out with these values. So I spoke to her and she suggested to make the exercises before dinner. Of course, this has its negatives sites too.

For example, I don’t like to eat too late in the evening, and if I come back let’s say around 19, I normally need some time to rest before the workout. The program takes about 40-50 min and after that I need a shower, so let’s say another 20 min. And it’s already 20:20 when I start cooking dinner. I tent not to eat too much at dinner, but still it’s too late.

So…I know I have to deal with it. But does anybody has a nice everyday workout routine?

I’ll be more than happy to hear it and to have some advice on that!

Thanks a lot!!!! :)))))